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Montessori Centre South Africa

Welcome to our world of Montessori education and training in South Africa. We look forward to sharing our passion for children and the Montessori philosophy with you.

We hope that your Montessori journey will begin here…with us…today!


Our February 2021 On-Campus, April and September 2021 Online courses are fully subscribed. 

Applications for 2022 open on 01 September 2021.

For information on South Africa’s response to COVID-19 please visit the COVID-19 Corona Virus South African Resource Portal.

Our Courses
Our Courses

We offer a variety of courses suited for different needs. Click on the link below and explore how you can start, or continue, on your Montessori journey!


Our Training Centres
Our Training Centres

Montessori Centre South Africa is very well-represented in the major centres of South Africa, and online. Click below to see where you can find us!


Professional Placement
Professional Placement

We are fortunate to work with a large number of Montessori schools across South Africa as professional placement venues. Click below to find out more.



Having a full time job and becoming a first time mother, the MCSA online national diploma course was the perfect choice for me beginning my Montessori studies. The curriculum was well structured and enabled me to plan my day to day projects.  The support I received from my mentor and the director was indescribable.  It was great to say the least, and is the reason I am a qualified Montessori teacher today.  Thank you for assisting me along my journey.  Montessori Centre South Africa helped me to understand what education should really be about.

Bronwyn Fredericks
National Diploma Graduate - Online Studies

I am about to complete my MCSA ECD Diploma, specializing in children ages 3 - 6. I had always believed in the education of the child, however was craving a new and more cosmic approach to education. I went into this course with the idea and ethos that all children need to be treated equally, and specifically that there is equality in all. This is exactly what I found. I have grown and learnt a great deal through this course. I have learnt a lot about myself, from time management to self-love, reverence and respect. My eyes have been opened to positive steps/progress in the future, the excitement for the new generations to come and the possibility to grow, develop and learn in a free, exciting, safe and productive environment. I have learnt and really understood the point and basis of our cosmic tasks, both within the young child and the adult.

This course has helped me view the world differently, and have the privilege to work with children in the Montessori classroom. I will forever see the world differently, touched by the child.

Stephanie Healy
National Diploma, 2016

I would love to say the experience I've had by studying with Montessori Centre South Africa in Buccleuch was amazing as I truly loved it from the bottom of my heart. Becoming a teacher would be the best feeling as this is my passion. I love the children and, of course, the Montessori Materials which are out of this world. They are is stimulating and enjoyable to work with.

Raheemah Reheman
Higher Certificate, 2017


As an MCI (UK) diploma holder, I did the MCSA Upgrade course in 2016. I could not have asked for a better training center. Susanne and Kirsty truly have a passion for what they do, they are always willing to offer support, constructive criticism and an encouraging smile when the assignments seem to get the better of us. Even after my course has ended I still have their full support and if I ever require any advice their assistance is just a phone call or email away.

I am currently working at a Montessori school Tirana, Albania, and now have wonderful opportunities to travel and explore the rest of the world - all thanks to MCSA!

Upgrade Course, 2016

My Montessori journey started in the early in 2010, when I decided to enrol at another Montessori College to do correspondence studies. I completed the course in 2013 and later found out that it was not accredited. Imagine my despair?

I started doing the National Diploma in Early Childhood Development, through MCSA, in 2016 and I am nearly at the end of my studying journey.  The course is thorough, detailed, covers all aspects of ECD plus Montessori, is hands on as we worked with all the materials in every area of the curriculum. We had lots of guidance in the form of a tutor, the online portal, recommended reading, and videos of the way in which the material is to be presented. The modules are detailed and provide a wealth of knowledge and information and lastly, the professional practice allowed us the opportunity to be able to work with children in a Montessori environment and be able to grow towards becoming a Montessori teacher.

I have already been offered a permanent position as a Montessori educator starting in January 2018. My real Montessori adventure is about to begin and I am so excited!

National Diploma 2016

Montessori has changed not only my perspectives on children's holistic development, but it's also changed how I see myself!  I've learned the best possible ways to approach children and how to guide them to personal success.

The training I received was excellent. There was always assistance when we needed it!  Our lecturers were true to what they told us, as we could see the Montessori ethos in their own classrooms.

I wouldn't have wanted to study anywhere else!

National Diploma Graduate

The Montessori in the Home course taught me a lot. It is a great experience and it has left me with a lot of respect for children.

Montessori in the Home Course Participant

The content of the course was very delightful and I have learned a lot. I was used to the traditional way of learning, and I think that Montessori has shown how we can see children as their own beings in growing so that they can form themselves with the adult guiding, not taking centre stage.

Montessori in the Home Course Participant

I loved this course. It was nice to interact with the lecturer and the rest of the class. It was awesome! I learned a lot.

Michelle Hendricks
Montessori in the Home Course Participant

Thank you Montessori Centre South Africa!  You have inspired me to reach great heights! 

National Diploma Graduate and Owner of The Banyan Tree Montessori

I would like to reach out and say the biggest, warmest and heartfelt thank you to all of you for the incredible support and experience I have had throughout my diploma with MCSA. You have all played an integral part in the planning, organising and delivery of an epic course that has forever changed my life.

Susanne, Kirsty, Tasnim and Sam a very special thank you as lecturers. You are all incredible role models, setting the highest standards that I will continue to admire and strive to achieve as I grow and learn.


National Diploma Graduate




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