Course Overview

The National Diploma in Early Childhood Development recognises that training in early childhood education with a Montessori specialisation requires a breadth of understanding and varied set of skills as well as specific attitudes to children.

The two-year Level 5 National Diploma in Early Childhood Development (SAQA ID: 23118) will allow graduates to work as fully qualified early childhood educators in South Africa and to register with the South African Council for Educators (SACE).

Course Modules

* Orientation and Montessori Biography
* Study Skills
* Montessori Philosophy
* Childcare and Health
* Reflective Practice
* Activities of Everyday Living
* Child Development
* Education of the Senses
* Numeracy and Arithmetic
* Literacy
* Knowledge and Understanding of the World
* ECD in the South African Context
* Classroom Management
* Creativity
* Material Making
* Observation and Assessment
* Diversity, Special Needs and Inclusion.

    Part-Time Lectures and Attendance

    The part-time lecture timetable begins in February 2018 and runs until November 2019. Please note that all lectures are compulsory as these hours form part of the final qualification requirements.


    As part of the course requirements, students will be required to undertake and pass two 3-hour theory examinations and one practical examination.

    Professional Placement

    This qualification includes a compulsory professional placement in a Montessori setting of at least 420 hours (approximately 16 consecutive weeks) during the second year of study.

    This placement forms a central point of practical integration for the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes developed over the course of the training. Students will be observed by a Placement Mentor from the setting as well as a Placement Tutor allocated by Montessori Centre South Africa.

    MCSA assists with the placement of students for this part of the coursework requirements. Placements must be made within an 80km radius of the centre. Should external placements be required, these will be charged to the students.

    Entrance Requirements

    Applicants for the National Diploma course must

    • Be aged 18 years or over.
    • Hold a Matric Certificate with a minimum of a Diploma pass.
    • Be a South African citizen or permanent resident (or hold a full and relevant visa for the duration of the course).
    • Have access to a tablet, laptop or desktop computer, be computer literate, and have reliable Internet access.

    Application Process

    • If possible, attend an Information Session at one of our centres.
    • Complete the application form and return it with supporting documents to with the non-refundable application fee of R500.
    • On application you will be required to write a short literacy and numeracy entrance assessment. This is done online.
    • An appointment will then be made for an interview at the centre where you have applied. This may also be done telephonically.
    • Successful applicants will then receive an offer of study upon which the enrolment documents will need to be submitted with the payment of the enrolment fee in order to secure a place.

    2018 Fees

    National DiplomaEnrolment feeR5000On acceptance
    Course and lecture feeR39600In 22 installments of R1800.00
    payable by the 5th day of each month
    commencing February 2018 to November 2019.
    Theory Paper 1R75030 days prior to the exam date.
    Theory Paper 2R75030 days prior to the exam date.
    Practical ExamR150030 days prior to the exam date.
    Professional Placement FeeR5000Payable upon registration for the professional placement.
    Total: R52 600