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Primary Specialisation Course

Course Details

This course is aimed at traditionally qualified primary school teachers already working, or wishing to work, in a Montessori primary setting. The course consists of four modules which cover Montessori primary classroom management and all the relevant curriculum areas. The content also covers the implications of CAPS and the National Curriculum Statement in a Montessori primary school.

The Primary Specialisation is offered in CAPE TOWN and in PRETORIA in 2020.

Course Modules

  • Module 1 – Montessori Philosophy and Language
  • Module 2 – Mathematics
  • Module 3 – The Great Lessons
  • Module 4 – Geometry and Classroom Management

Please contact us for the module workshop dates for each centre.

A training manual is provided for each module that covers the workshop content in detail.

A certificate of attendance and transcript of content will be issued upon completion of the course. This is NOT a qualification, but rather a specialisation course in Montessori primary 6 – 9 years.

Continued Professional Development points are awarded for this course.

The Primary Specialisation course is delivered as module workshops with both an online and onsite component.

The workshops are in the form of lectures, discussion groups and practical hands-on working with the 6-9 Montessori materials.

Students enrolled on the Primary Specialisation course also have access to an Online Learning Portal where they will access the course manuals, and many other relevant resources.

The Primary Specialisation Forum is monitored daily by a dedicated course tutor to answer any questions that may arise during practice, and this also connects all our primary students together to share ideas and experiences.

Video chat sessions are also planned during the year to address classroom management challenges.

The entrance requirement for the Primary Specialisation course is a recognised Foundation Phase education degree. This could be a Bachelor of Education, or a Bachelor of Arts with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

In South Africa, it is a legal requirement that all persons working in a primary school hold an education degree for the foundation phase.

Our Primary Specialisation course is therefore a Montessori specialisation certification to add to the existing mainstream qualification.

Continued Professional Development points are awarded upon successful completion of this course.

  • If possible, attend an Information Session at one of our centres.
  • Complete the application form and return it with supporting documents to with a non-refundable application fee of R600.
  • Successful applicants will then receive an offer of study upon which the enrolment documents will need to be submitted with the payment of the enrolment fee.


Application fee R600
Enrolment fee R5 000 Payable on acceptance.
Course fee R9 000 Payable in enrolment. Arrangements may be made for payment in instalments.
Total Cost: R14 000