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Book Club: Education and Peace

Event Details

We will be reading EDUCATION AND PEACE over 8 facilitated Zoom sessions from August to November 2021.

Book precis:

During the 1930s, as war clouds gathered over Europe, Maria Montessori became profoundly concerned with the question of peace. The problem of war caused her to engage in a passionate search for new human truths. Taking as her starting point her conviction that the child must be our teacher, she moved on to consider the problems of human and social development and began a crusade in the name of education. “Education a lasting peace is the work of education… all politics can do is keep us out of war”.

This collection of speeches, delivered by Maria Montessori at international congresses and peace councils, vividly reveals why she was proposed as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. Today her philosophy of peace is still of value in a constantly changing and unstable world. 


Zoom Sessions:

  • Monday 16 August 2021
  • Monday 30 August 2021
  • Monday 13 September 2021
  • Monday 27 September 2021
  • Monday 11 October 2021
  • Monday 25 October 2021
  • Monday 08 November 2021
  • Monday 22 November 2021



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August - November 2021


20:00 - 21:00 every second Monday



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