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Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day!

Reflecting on our roles this Women’s Day:



















In the olden days, when I did my Montessori training, I had to make a set of Mothers and Babies pictures representing mothers and their babies around the world. Apparently young children are drawn to images of babies with their mothers…Montessori herself chose Raphael’s Madonna della seggiola (Madonna of the Chair) as the emblem for her Children’s Houses.



It does seem as if in the natural evolution of the times, that children are just as drawn to fathers and the babies and of course, family dynamics have changed substantially since Montessori’s time. Perhaps though, the idea of honouring women is not about forgetting or neglecting men, but rather acknowledging the role and contribution women make everyday as mothers. The point of a day dedicated to women reminds us to take a moment to consider the importance of what women do in our homes, classrooms and communities and to honour the contribution they make.



Montessori women are a special breed. Some say that our connection is almost cult-like! This is because we are all so passionate about the work we do, and because we are invested in providing the best environments for the children’s learning. We remember that embedded in Montessori’s writings on her method is the core ingredient of Peace Education. Our natural instinct to nurture and  move children towards a life free from conflict is evidenced daily through our work.



So, here’s to our Montessori Women, and the phenomenal work that they do.  We are grateful for your dedication and the love with which you carry the Montessori name forward – striving for peace and touching the heart of one child at a time.

– Heidi van Staden –