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MCSA Lockdown Tip 31

MCSA Lockdown Tip 31

Lockdown Day 31 – Cyril Says

Family Fun Time!!

For the last month, South Africa has for the most part done a really good job at waiting to be told what to do, when, and how to do it, by one man – President Cyril Ramaphosa.

There are so many clips circulating on social media about children telling their parents, friends, and family to listen to ‘Cyril’. So – in the spirit of keeping things light this weekend, we thought we would put a spin on an old favourite family game…

Let’s play….  CYRIL SAYS!


Designate one person as Cyril and the others as players. Cyril stands in front of the players and tells them what they must do by giving commands that start with “Cyril says…” The players need to follow the command.

Every now and then, Cyril just issues a command without prefixing it with “Cyril says…”. If any players follow the command, the game stops for a moment. As we are in lockdown, we cannot make anyone ‘leave’ or be ‘out’, so just start the game after a laugh!


Most importantly – this is a recipe for fun, laughter and happiness!

Other benefits include:

  • The development of body awareness
  • Crossing the midline
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Balance skills
  • Listening and memory skills
  • Vocabulary and thinking skills


So – whilst we wait for the President’s next lockdown commands, let’s have fun with some game possibilities.

Cyril could say:

  • Point to your toes/eyebrows/elbows/various body parts
  • Touch your ankle/back/left shoulder/right knee etc.
  • Hug yourself
  • Fold your arms
  • Cross your legs
  • Dance and wave your arms over your head
  • Twist from side to side
  • Run in a circle until I say stop
  • Walk backward
  • Pretend to be a fish and swim around the room
  • Act like an elephant
  • Spin in a circle with your arms out
  • Do a crazy dance
  • Jump up and down ten times
  • Pretend to sweep the floor
  • Play air guitar
  • Waddle like a penguin
  • Rub your tummy and pat your head
  • Wiggle your nose
  • Have a good laugh


Have a really happy Sunday everyone!