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MCSA Lockdown Tip 32

MCSA Lockdown Tip 32

Lockdown Day 32 – Wash the car

Activities of Everyday Living

Happy Freedom (in lockdown) Day!

The origin of Freedom Day – April 27th 1994 – was an affirmation of our humanity and our individual and combined self-worth as human beings. In his inaugural speech, President Nelson Mandela famously said:

“We enter into a covenant that we shall build a society in which all South Africans, both black and white, will be able to walk tall, without fear in their hearts, assured of their inalienable right to human dignity – a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world.”

Human dignity is at stake now more than ever. The pandemic leaves every person, every family, every business, every community of our rainbow nation affected one way or another.

On this Freedom Day, 27 April 2020, whilst we are curtailed in so many ways, let us consider the freedoms that we have been afforded. We have the freedom of time with our children and families, the freedom of time to stop and listen, and the freedom of time to consider our gratitudes.

May you all find this freedom within you as you take on today’s ‘liberating’ outdoor task as a family…


(Note: No worries if you do not have a car at your disposal – just change this for a bicycle, a scooter, a pram, the lawnmower… anything that needs a wash!)

This is a great family activity. Children love water, and love to be involved with important tasks. Washing a car gives the child the opportunity for much gross and fine motor skill sets, balance, coordination, crossing the midline and lots of language and vocabulary development.


  • A bucket of soapy water for each child
  • A sponge for washing
  • A soft cloth for drying
  • A brush for the tyres
  • An old toothbrush for the rims


Well – you should all know how to wash a car! Start by spraying the car down to avoid any scratches on the paintwork.

You may want to put the children on tyre and rim cleaning duties first. Show the children how to use the brush (dipped into the soapy water) to clean the tyres. The use the toothbrush to carefully clean the rims. This requires precision, builds concentration and keeps the children entertained for a fair amount of time!

Once the wheels are shiny, use big body movements to soap and wash the rest of the car.

Spray the soapy suds off the car and get everyone involved in drying the car off.

If you have a dustbuster or small vacuum cleaner, you will find yourself with very happy volunteers to vacuum the inside of the car too!


We know you can’t go anywhere yet, but your cars will be happy for the attention, and your children will be delighted to have this time to build memories with you!